Friday, February 04, 2011

Revisiting the 25th anniversary Reunion in 2008

We never got to post the pictures taken during the set-up for the reunion two years ago. Here are a couple of what we still have. Hopefully the pictures on the banners with the teachers's pictures and the set-up of the backdrop at the Study Hall will materialize one of these days.
Mga mapan-os pa gihapon na mga para hulat sa gate
Alwin, Gerrox and Ah Oh making faces at passer-bys

admiring our "good" work, diyutan pa baga madahinlas si Ah-Oh kaka sakat sa kudal

The banner to commemorate the theme for the reunion

...with Larry Manda exhibiting the kili-kili welcome!papurutian daw sin yuk-yuk!
Kaupod gud namon sadi si Ferdie nan si Aaron. Ambot kay lain in tatalaban sin Litrato!


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