Friday, April 28, 2006

Do you love your job?

Batch '83:

This picture was taken during one of our office Christmas parties. The food as you might have noticed is simple, we ate in paper plates and with plastic spoons and drank in disposable paper cups.

But when you are in the company of people who look like these, who cares if the fare is simple and the utensils are less than glamorous?!!!

The girl in white with her hand on my shoulder is my wife, Millette. How I ended up with her, is a long story, and proof that God loves some of His children MORE ( he he he )! Millette is not part of marketing ( she is a lawyer), although she fits in nicely with this group.

These are some of the members of Pfizer's Marketing team, a fairly good-looking group with a few exceptions ( hehehe, unfortunately I am part of the exception). But aside from their exquisite packaging, I remember this group with some fondness for putting up with me ( their short tempered, semi-talented boss), and in the process establishing a record of sorts by garnering Six international awards, (including Three Best in the world citations) for excellence in marketing in 2003.

There are advantages to be being coached and mentored by a member of the OLPS Batch'83.

Monday, April 24, 2006

A Visit Down Memory Lane - Bong Miaco

Visit Down Memory Lane (Bits and Pieces from Bong Miaco's Memory Bank!!!)

Bong with his wife Pauline

* Gene "Hitler" Totanes teaching us about Nazism! - Would anyone ever mistake us for Germans? I think "German Cut" is the closest we can get to being Aryan, wouldn't you agree? Hehehehe.

*Putting peanuts (Growers) inside a bottle of Sprite or Mountain Dew before gulping the bubbly clear liquid while eating the peanuts! - My mates here find this a strange habit of mine 'til now but I still keep on doing it 'coz I enjoy it so much. Who started this anyway? Binoy, please explain! You were in-charge of the canteen.

*Ransacking the kitchen in search of "bahaw", cholesterol-laden-used cooking oil and soy sauce after the basketball games! - Meo thanks for the extra canned sausages and pork 'n' beans!

*Pyriander and Raul Jer's funny antics! - This is one endless list.

*Swimming in the supposed-to-be a water tank used for showers, washing etc. in the college dorm. - Watch out for the spy. He could be around. Hehehehe.

*Asking Tata to buy for us liquor and finding out in the end that the price outside increased! - We are left with a dry mouth and a lost chance.

*Cleaning the grounds while others were enjoying the games after being caught escaping and loitering in the village for a bit of a perv, Hahahaha! - A little pride was still intact but having a bruised ego.

*Colegialas!!! - Who will forget them? Nah, I'm just joking here!!! Hehehehe.

*Faking that we were sick but we're not in it just to have a lazy day in bed! - We're doing it to have longer sleep and meals in bed...How do you call it again? Something that relates with "Garlic"... nagbabawang?

Writing 100? 1000? sentences " I will always speak in English from now on! " or words to that effect, if caught speaking in our local dialect! - Solution: 3-4 pens taped together!

* Raul Jer. reading the "PAUSE" word in the prayer book during the early morning and night prayers in the chapel! - Mind you he was serious about it too which added so much to the fun!

* Tryin' hard to smoke a cigarette in the dead of the night by unsuccessfully lighting the cigars with the light bulb up in the ceiling (imagine that, call it "matchsticks drought") in the "rejuvenated" toilet of the study hall! - Hey Larry...the two of us were guilty of this? Hehehehe.

* Where: Refectory
What : A community discussion on the topic " How To Protect and Save the Environment! "
Who : I can't remember who it was but his answer went like this... " When you catch fish in the ocean, don't use dynamite and ATOMIC BOMB!" ... that started a roar of laughter!!!

*Who Said What???:
- I entered the seminary because I want to be a PC ( Philippine Constabulary ).

- It is raining, aren't they?
ANONYMOUS ( sino nga ba ulit 'yun? )
- What's pany der?
PANY DER ( of course, no doubt about that!!! )

* Lying on Israel Gamis' extremely thick and cozy foam mattress when he was not around 'coz mine was only a plastic (straw) "banig" ! - Hey Israel, thankx! Anyway, I fixed it afterwards...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Batch '83:

Yadi an picture ko. Kaya naka murusot kay gusto ko intiro kamo igwa man didi sin ritrato. Paki email na lang mga padi, para magkirita maski mga litrato lang natun.

Maski bagan an itsura nag kukurso pwede didi kay kiritakita man lang:)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Mga Batch '83 Idols:

Harain na daw si Cula(Ernesto Advincula), Odnid(Dindo Laguda), Pato (Glenn Empleo), Hitler(Gene Totanez), Tiki ( Israel Gamis)?. Those accounted for are as follows :

1) Gerry Arnedo-Marikina
2) Leo Baloloy-Makati Med
3) Melchor Banaga GMA-7
4) Fr. Jimmy Barrozo Irosin
5) Fr. Albert Bonayon-Las Pinas
6) Jimmy Calleja-Legaspi
7) Arnel (binoy) Deyto-San Diego
8) Dennis Donor-Sorsogon
9) Meo EscandorQC
10) Raul ForatdesLA, USA
11) Haile Frivaldo-QC
12)Saul Gargallo-Saipan
13)Raul Jeresano- Sorsogon
14) Perry Labayo-Manila
15) Larry Manda-Marikina
16) Ferdie Marbella-Bacon
17) Bong Miaco-Australia
18) Gerry Pura-Marikina
19) Roy Reyes-Sorsogon
20) Alwyn Talde- Sorsogon


Mga Batch'83 of OLPS!:

Don't be shy. send me your ideas opinions on anything. This may include any batchmate you may have found, your contributions to the topic, Why OLPS is precious to you.