Monday, August 24, 2009

B83 Golden Memories,Silver Jubilee MTV Ver 2

B83 Golden Memories,Silver Jubilee MTV Ver 1

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Eye Witness, The Yellow Fever

It all started on that fateful night when the people were awakened from a deep slumber...streets were filled with burnt tires, as if there was an offering.

The Phil's Hueys hovered at Camp Crame to defect to the people side.

For posterity's sake.

Inside the Huey.

I 'shot' this picture of an airforce pilot holding my Super-8mm film camera.

Throngs of 'Yellow Army' braving the stretch of Hi-way 54.

In those days the word 'snap' is found everywhere.

Snap toilet,anyone?

I took these pictures when I was just starting to learn filmmaking..A Russian filmmaker once said, when you make a film you must do it to prepare a person to death, to plough and harrow his soul, rendering it capable of turning to good.

When the news broke out urging the people to go out and be united, our mentor in our film institute gave us rolls of film to document this historic event.

Look at the lady's reaction to the unknown soldier..what is she thinking ?

The Palace,now empty.

What if the revolution become bloody?

What if somebody throws a firecracker to these battle tested soldiers?..

..the horror.

An old lady still deep in her prayer.

Crowd expressing their joy.

Marines gamely posing with children.

Soldiers vacating Malacanang Palace.

The Palace is now a home.

The faithful with their Mother.

Do not be afraid.For I'm with you all the while.

Outside POEA Bldg.,waiting for the Lady in Yellow.

Tita Cory outside the POEA Bldg. Ready for her greatest sacrifice.. May we continue her legacy to be humble, sincere,and faithful to our Divine Maker.

Effective Ways to Organize a Reunion

Point a .45 caliber pistol in someone's throat. See, when GerryA threatened to back out to head the staging, well because Mr. Blue can't "carry" his weight, he was eventually led back because of JAC's warm prodding.

Get a willing accomplice. Make sure to bring a camera, you know for blackmailing purposes..Gerrox is above par when it comes to heart conspiracy theories. You may reach him for an adulterated copy of "Bacon Scandal" for a.. cup of coffee maybe..

Get a lawyer. Our very own Atty. Haile stating his facts in detail to Mons Pax how he managed to elude Fr. Douglas'...leather belt.

A reunion is not a reunion without Mr. Blue. Just look closely at that swagger look, man even Atty. Haile is caught in awe.So try to bring your own Mr. Blue,even paying up for his airfare.

Mr. Blue in action. An anecdote even told a thousand times can be as refreshing and engaging when Mr. Blue delivers them. Look at how Atty. Talde flinches in pain.

Lastly, make sure the lower batch takes an oath for everybody to see to continue the tradition. So that we continue to reminisce the halcyon days and listen to that whispers again in our ears, ora, stude et labora..See you at the gates of...(g)OLPS.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

More boylets for sale.Take your pick.Take note an naka blue, sa highest bidder lang yan maupod.


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

New Updated Pictures from Bomick

Good 'ole Papa Bomick and Miko and Kitchie. Miko is now taller than him. The sunrise indicates more New Beginnings, Prosperity, Second chances, Hope, better tomorrows..etc. it also means lain ka nakalamaw si Captain Bomick!

Keeping the Babies warm and toasty

Bomick with his kids. These months ( May-July) are the winter months in Australia! A great opportunity for group hugs!!
Bag in hand...dressed for the occassion, Bomick raises the proverbial OLPS question,
"Hinog na an Langka?"

The Great One has Left Us

EDITORIAL - Corazon Aquino (The Philippine Star) Updated August 02, 2009 12:00 AM

A long-entrenched dictator dismissed her as “just a woman” and a housewife. “What on earth do I know about being president?” Corazon Aquino conceded as she launched her challenge to the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos in December 1985. “The only thing I can really offer the Filipino people is my sincerity.”
Yet in a few months, the woman who knew nothing about being president helped bring down a dictator, took over Malacañang and repulsed at least two coup attempts. Within less than two years after assuming power, Corazon Aquino crafted a “Freedom Constitution” that was ratified by 80 percent of the people in a national plebiscite, re-established a freely elected Congress and restored independence to the legislature and judiciary.
After nurturing democracy through seven coup attempts, she peacefully handed over power to a freely elected successor — the first such peaceful transition in 27 years. “This is the glory of democracy, that its most solemn moment should be the peaceful transfer of power,” she said in her final State of the Nation Address. In the light of recent events, the nation now realizes how precious that gracious exit was.
After seeing the depths by which power could be abused, Cory Aquino wielded it with reluctance. But she never needed the presidency to lead; all she needed was the example of her life. Her power and influence emanated not from any position in government, but from her convictions, her abiding faith in the goodness of the Filipino and, yes, her sincerity. That is a virtue that has been in short supply in public service for many years.
Once, explaining to an interviewer why she decided to run for president, the woman the nation called Tita Cory said she had asked herself, “What if I could make a difference?”
She did, and the nation, grateful for her legacy of freedom, now mourns its loss.