Thursday, April 19, 2007

Alwyn's Miting de Avanse

As many of you know, Atty. Alwyn Talde ( Born to Batch '83) is running or Vice Mayor of Castilla. You will undoubtedly agree with me that he is very qualified ( Lawyer, teacher, and member of batch '83 hehehe). We held our miting de avance for him in Cubao ( basi may flying voters baya na makakita, iboto man lang si Alwyn). Hamamani an attendance san mga campaign sortie san mga senatoriables. Upat upati kami na nagbutwa. Irinuman an luwas.

Gerrox and Haile making their campaign stump for good old Born
No election is complete without goons...
an mga ini makusog lang kumaon

Tiger-Look si Atty. Haile, nakakita sin langka pan-o
There will be a second get-together for Alwyn sometime soon. It will be organized by Atty. Haile. For those who want to contribute to Born's campaign kitty, pls. get in touch with Haile

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Camping at Port Pirie

We went to Port Pirie for a Three-day camping trip during the Easter Holiday long weekend. We set up three tents in one of the camping sites. It is a terrific place for picnic given the scenery, its proximity to the Port Pirie River, as well as the hiking and outdoor activities. The entire family thoroughly enjoyed this latest adventure.

Crocodile Bong-dee saying " This is not a knife, its a

Packed, Locked and Loaded
in my survival equipment and gear...and very ready to go to the bush for adventure...

...balantoy specifically hehehe

My kids having breakfast after a long night's sleep

Just before dinner time... Super girl (my wife Pauline) with Super boy (my son, Miko)

Dessert anyone?

Kidz @ home
The guy in white shirt is my eldest daughter's
boyfriend !@?!$%&*!>! bayad-utang