Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fiesta sa Gubat

Mons with my parents

Sige naman an buwa ni Alwin habang si Ah-Oh puro pulutan lang kay bawal baga an shot kaniya.

Payt man si Choi sin istorya tungkol kan Katrina Halili

Porosing mun-a bag-0 mag tsiribog

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Its a Boy!


I am happy to share with you that my baby ( due this 1st week of September), is a boy. I will try to convince him to enroll at OLPS for the school year 2022-2023. Fr. Totep, pa reserve man tabi sin slot. An jersey niya tabi sa High school varsity number 11. Ma manager tabi san varsity an Ama.

As his birthday will be during the 1st week of September ( Like Bomick and Gerrox, and Yeah Mr. 911-Donnie Boy), I want him to have the following talents of the members of the Class of '83 :

1) The heart of a healer-like Gerrox- Minus his erect jumpshot
2) 1/100 of The Libido of Bomick
3) The finances of Donnie Boy
4) The basketball skills of Michael Jordan ( adopted member of the class of '83)
5) The artistic flair of Larry Manda
6) The aikido ranking of Balo and the martial skills of Ah-oh
7) The public relations savvy of Alwin
8) The height of Israel Gamis
9) The Spirituality of Fr. Jimmy
10) The elusiveness of Abet
11) The work ethic of Cula
12) The pingpong skills of Meo and Tuyi combined
13) The showbiz connections of Balag
14) The legal countenance of JAC
15) The out-of-this world creative mind of Totanez
16) The athleticism of Binoy
17) The sense of humor of Perry
18) The light-heartedness of Glenn
19) The generous heart of Tommy
20) The "hispanic causing panic" appeal of my Pinsan Raul F
21) The verbosity and platform skills of Saul
22) The overpowering masculinity of Dindo
23) Lastly the mentoring skills of Haile ( not his telegenic projection mind you)

Kulog sa ulo sadi siguro kun irog san mga ini an batit mo.