Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Never Ending Last Supper

..despedida para kay Rael..we will meet again comrade, and wait till Perry sings the chorus of James Taylor's " How sweet it is to be Lab- a- yo "

Monday, June 14, 2010

Rodrigo-Image Model of one of the Pfizer Product launches

Lain man tabi sa naghahambog kita. pasensya na tabi sin diyut. Pero an batit ko, the future sex symbol of the class of 2026 at OLPS, napili tabi mag "commerical model".
This confirms what I have suspected all along na lahi kami sin mga gwapo. An ma kontra tabi, kakalagun tabi kamo ni Mamo Salvador nan Mamo Perez. BTW, si Msgr Paquito tabi is also a relative so an makontra tabi dida, bahala kamo sa mga sadiri niyo.

Nakapikit pa ngani an saro na mata para medyo partida...

Rodrigo was one of four babies whose pictures were selected for the campaign. The spotlight was literally on him the whole night.

Kadaku san picture sa stage...
Proud Papa siempre kita. Nothing beats Fatherhood!

With Manoy Chuck

Charlie Miaco, Class of '81 with brother Bomick, Class of '83, two peas of the same pod. I can't imagine a more unlikely pair of siblings

The reason why Bomick took a boat trip from Calbayog to Cebu was to visit his Manoy Chuck.
Let me share a little trivia on Manoy Chuck who was my assignment partner during the summer assignments for Major seminarians way back in 1985. Chuckgot married much.much later than his more malandi, bantay-salakay brother, Bomick. The delay was due to his penchance for dating the third daughter in the family. When the girls weree about to go out for their weekend soirees, the eldest girl would ask permission from the Dad,
" Dad, I am going out with Lance to Dance", the father would say Ok.
The second daughter would say,
"Dad I am going out with Pete to eat" again the father would nod his ok.
The Third daughter would then ask,
"Dad I am going out with Chuck to..."
The father would then shout "No!"
Kaya naurhi si Manoy Charlie hehe! Joke lang tabi

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ang Pagbabalik ni Bomick-The Revenge of the Sarawayun

Beinvenida! At Larry Manda's House on the night of Bomick's arrival
Yungka na si Meo, hanggan alas quatro san aga pan-o an welcome kay Bomick

At Bomick's apartelle, si Gerrox Pa simple baga, nag popose kuno, ma- shot ugaring

With the two best in conduct awardees of the class and best-looking classmates, coincidentally both are named Gerry-nano daw baya ano?

At my Brother's Mustache Bar with Tommy and Choy

With The Jerk's acoustic performer-also from Bulusan and Gerrox's Uncle- Chikoy Pura!

Lain ko aram kay nano, the audience requested for me to sing, maraw-ayun baga kita!
Pssst pati camera hubog...After san kanta ko, na ban an class of '83 sa My Brother's Mustache Bar

Despedida with the Class of '83...But I am getting ahead...Nag lakwatsa ako sa Bicol nan Cebu!

In Gubat with Class of '82 Caloy Villaroya and Mons Pax!-The best ka Mons Pax-Maski San-o!

The best drinking place in Gubat, roof-top of the Pura Residence! What a view!

Of course there is Bulusan! The Hometown of Bomick!

Enjoying Nasipit falls in Bulusan. That's Bomick showing the Tarzan Pose

Swimming in Matnog! Buhi-i na Pawikan Bomick lalaki ina ,lain man ina babayi!

At the fish and lobster sanctuary, Bomick seeking shelter!

Bomick doing his best Orestes Ojeda Pose

Island Hopping is Bomick...He the visited 7,106 islands of the Philipppines, ang remaining two, Samar and Cebu immediately after

Bomick about to enter his room in the big boat, cruise daw, from Calabayog ( 7,107) to Cebu (7,108) naubos ni Bomick all the islands of Philippines

With Papa, Lieut Col. E. Miaco. E for Excellent! Si Bomick may dara na supot sin Linukay
Nawara an picture ni Charlie! mailto:&#!@!$! Until the next visit!