Monday, September 24, 2007

Donnie Boy's Birthday Bash

Donnie Boy ( Dr. Dennis Donor), emminent Cardiologist and certified Mr. Nice Guy celebrated his Birthday ( 21st birthday as I recall) last September 11 ( hardly the global disaster everyone remembers). He invited his friends including Dr. Leo Baloloy ( a lowly transplant surgeon from the National Kidney Institute-how much lower can you get? hehe)... well as a host of equally distinguished group of friends, Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez (at the background in Pink shirt and Floral dress respectively although they did not know they are friends of Batch '83 much less that they were invited to our get-together hehe) Atty Haile Frivaldo ( certified International Playboy), Dr. Gerry Pura ( also a Cardiologist ( we are a "hearty" batch)of St. Luke's Medical Center) and Melchor Banaga ( of GMA-7, former cinematographer of bold movies whose masterpieces Uhaw, Gutom, and Busog are Batch '83's claim to cinematic immortality)

The food was initially plentiful, but in similar OLPS fashion, wara nabilin (Kalulu-ouy an mga kuting, rutoy nanaman niyan na gab-i). there was a lot of friendly banter as well as a plan to play basketball with my officemates ( more on that later). The plan is to finally win a basketball game ( Batch '83) did not win a single game as a basketball team during its heydey, notwithstanding all the innate talent ( pang WNBA pa!). But that's looking too far ahead... for now, we focus on what a great time we had celebrating Donnie boy's birthay. The next birthday celebrant is Raul Jeresano! San-o ka Mapa-inum padi?

Mapula an mata ni Balag! Sex in-iisip! Wara si Perry ( as usual living up to his Indian heritage), si Meo ( naglaba pa sin kalsun silyo), si Larry ( nagkanta sa Pasyon hehe), an iba nag papangadyi ( na lain sinda masukot sa birthday ninda)