Friday, September 11, 2009

A Tale of Two Reunions-Part Two

It was difficult to gather the class in one venue at one time. Schedules were tough, commitments had been made, duty called more than one batchmate even during weekends. And so Balo advised the class that we should have two consecutive reunions ( and despedida) for our beloved beloved Classmate Fr. Imbo Barrozo who will leave the Philippines for a three year assignment in Kansas.
The first get-together was a Thursday, August 13 at Eastwood City ( More about that in another post). The second one, was two days later Aug 15, still at Eastwood . Imagine our pleasant surprise when long-lost Classmate Glenn Empleo emails a few minutes before the meeting to tell us he can join us! It was a happy day for the Class of '83
Without funfare, the long missing and super Hunky Glenn duck-walks his way into the restaurant...Bagan artista an dating...Dili lang daw basta boylet ini...
Glenn is now married with two teen aged children. He works for the Arab American oil company (ARAMCO) and is based in Saudi Arabia. He finished Computer Engineering at the Mapua Insitute of Technology. Many of the members of the batch, including myself have not seen Glenn since 1983.

Nagkariribok an Class of '83...Si Glenn ini?, hapot ni SS83 kay Larry M? Lord, ayaw tabi pagpara ti-aw sabi ni Fr. Imbo. Dili man irog sadi ka macho si Glenn sadto...

He is the same humble and gentle soul, with nary an air of success that he is. Glenn has migrated to Canada with his family in the early 1990's but has been livng in Saudi Arabia the last few years.

Sabi san Bida, lain ina si Glenn, harayuon na mas gwapo ako didto...Fake impersonator yan! irisip isip baga an Batch!

Kitaon ta daw kun attractive sa chicks...rani tulos an mga waitress. Kiri-kiri si Choi. Si Fr. Imbo naghagad baga ki sign from God kun an missing ka klase talaga ini

Diyut daw na porosing...gutom na ako sadto so pa- simple kita sin hungit, kay basi ubusan ako ni Perry sin dinuguan. makaskasun mag hungit, kaya silensyohunun sa iristuryahan!

Roll-call kita, Advincula...absent, Arnedo, present, Baloloy, present, Banaga, present, Barrozo, present. Kun yadi si Cula straight flush kunta. From left to right, an Bida Perry, SS83, Choy Banaga, Balo, Gerrox, Glenn Empleo, Larry Manda and Fr Imbo. Si Glenn ada talaga ini mga boys!! I-test natun

Pinakita baga ni Balag an video ni Haile. Sabi Glenn, kilala ko an maitum na lubot na ina, amo ina an pinaha ni Msgr Douglas for impersonating him! Nag conclude an klase si Glenn ini! Welcome and good to see you again!

Glenn ikaw tabi an magbayad para lain gulay nan kan-un orderon namun, nagpa simple na suggestion si Gerrox! Aprub sabi ni Glenn

Order kita sin mahal, sabi ni Balag,, maski lain masiram basta mahal!

Pi-ricture baga gihapaun para official na talaga and tiripon na ini

An Bida, simple lang baga...painum-inom, bati bati san irestorya..., dili ngaya ako makatuod na nasala ako kan Glenn...last time ako nasala 1982 pa...awat awat na...

Bigla bumanat na an Bida, di ula-ula nanaman kami sin tarawa. Pinakamaribok kami na table sa buong Eastwood city

Lain makahangos sin katawa si SS83. Sabi Ni Balo, tuukun ta ikaw!

Pati si Fr. Imbo, halos magluwas sa ilong an kinaon

Si Glenn man, nag-uli lang para mag tawa. Buong gab-i sin kakatawa

Picture ngaya ulit, habang nagkakasilyas an mga taga-Gubat

Reunion of Community Beadle and Sub-Beadle of SY 1982-1983
"You made me look good!" sabi ni Larryboy kan Fr. Imbo

L-R Perry, Gerry, Choy, Balo, Gerrox, Glenn, Larry and Fr. Imbo
Official Class picture of the Night's reunion
8 of 25 isn't bad ( 30% of the class made it!)

Siwo Part II

Rodrigo Javier Asuncion Arnedo
Future Star Point guard of the OLPS Minor Seminary and the Ateneo Blue Eagles
My wife gave birth to our second child a son, last September 4, at 10:08am at the Makati Med. Leo Baloloy the great Vascular and Transplant Surgeon was with me at the delivery room when my wife delivered. He was there to supposedly to provide back up support to the leading Ob Gyn who performed the Caesarian. Luckily everything went well, so he spent more time wielding a camera, than a scalpel

With Ate Trisa at room 909 at Makati Medical Center
New baby, Old room

With Kulit Cousins
L-R, Jake Asuncion, Ate Trisa, Joshua Asuncion and Diego Son
Trisa is the only girl on the Asuncion side, Gio is the only 3rd generation male Arnedo

Home finally, with Ate Trisa and future playmates Elmo and Pooh Bear