Thursday, January 27, 2011

Three Generations of Friendship

In this picture my ehado, Jerico Pura, my Son the ehado of Gerrox, Rodrigo Javier and my Mama. Missing in the picture are Tiyo Nap and Tiya Imelda and my deceased Father. These pictures captures three generations of friendship between the Pura's and Arnedo's. Should have been four generations if we include our Grandparents, but they are so far removed from the present.
Kahatas san Ninong ko, sabi Gio, wara na ngaya buhok na Ninong ko sabi ni Jerico. The two Gerry's as you know are the handsomest and most well-behaved members of the Class of '83.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Return of Padi Binoy

From Left to Right Dindo Laguda, Gerrox, Pyriander the Great, Larry Manda, Balo, an pinaka gwapo nan mabuot, and the Guest of Honor, Arnel Vargas Deyto

The Class had reason for another get-together last January 9, 2010, Arnel Deyto blew into town!

Binoyski is now based in San Diego. He is married with no children. Most of us remember him as the only member of the Warlocks Juniors team who really knew how to play basketball ( an iba pan-o puro pag kurong sin buhok an aram hehe). Binoy almost single-handedly lead the Warlocks team to the Juniors basketball championship during intrams in 1982. His free throw with time expired won the championship for the Warlocks. Not bad for a guy who stood no taller than 5' 2 at that time.

Kaya ko in papara umaw si Binoy kay may dara na t-shirt para sa intero na yaadto hehe.

Next activity, the much-awaited reunion with Fr. Roy, on Feb 2. Abangan!!!