Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Silver Memories, Golden Mentors

Msgr Pax doing the roll-call of batches from 1945 to 2007
In hanap kamo, each member of Class of 1983
an absent daw, lalo na an taga Sorsogon na, huminali pa, Excommunicated!!
Those of us who travelled just to be part have been given dispensation by the Vatican to take on 4 wives as reward for our devotion to OLPS!

The backdrop for the Night's event in the OLPS Study Hall.
This was designed by the great, great, great great, great, great grandson of Michaelangelo

Atty. Jimmy Calleja, Raul J., with Dr. Jun Bolunia ( Class of '81), Aaron Apostol and Gerry A. Hain tabi kamot ni Ah-oh?

Gerry A. with Class '83 Idol the inimitable Msgr Douglas right before the start of the program. Review daw anay English kay maalo kun masala

The "rutoy" Silver Jubilarians enjoying a drink with Msgr Pax, a scene unthinkable more than 25 years ago!

The honorees resplendent in their Golden Mentor T-shirts enjoying a light moment during the program . From L-R, Fr. Dario, Fr. Louie, Ma'ams Rexy and Luera Halcon

Life of the party as usual, Msgr Douglas had everyone in stitches with his wit and humor, just like the old times! May you live forever Idol!

Ma'am Halcon, finally admitting that we are among her favorite batches...finally after 27 years! Ako daw talaga favorite niya sa clase kay ako lang daw mabuot hehe!

He who made hairy glamorous, Fr. Dario making his acceptance speech, a pity his long-time fan Atty Haile Frivaldo missed it by a day!

Fr. Louie, grace under pressure personified. He was asked to give a talk impromptu, and did so with flying colors...for 15 minutes hehe. Revenge of the procurator, puro kamo pabuang sadto, marutoy kamo niyan!

The All-Galaxy English and Literature teacher, Mrs. Resurrecion, reminding us why we we love her so, and why for so many years now... He speech was vintage Ma'am Rexy, very sweet and charming!

Mrs. Rexy receiving her plaque of appreciation from Atty Talde, Raul J and the night's emcee (SS '83, i.e. Sex Symbol of Class '83)

Mrs. Rexy poses with her giggly fans, Atty Talde, Gerry A and Larry Manda

Mons. Pax during one of his signature pauses that used to make our hearts stop. This time he was delivering his acceptance speech!

Mobbed by his admirers! The entire class of '83 Congratulating Msgr. Pax Monje!

Class of '84 swearing to hold an even better homecoming next year. Tony Co and Atty. Bebot Buenaventura with Rudy Dealca (not in picture) represented next year's Silver Jubilarians

Larry Manda and Gerry A accept Plaque of Appreciation from the OLPSAA representatives Totep Perez ( Class of 87) and Msgr Pax Monje.
See you next year!