Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reaping the Whirlwind-MR Pussyfoot

It looks like my "idol", the most arrogant of the presidentiables is getting a lot of flak. Lain pa nanga-gana huna mo na kun-sin-o. Pag amo ini makaluwas, daog sadi intero na dating presidente ...

'Mr. Pussyfoot' CTALK By Cito Beltran Updated July 29, 2009 12:00 AM

Believe it or not, some people did not understand what President Arroyo meant, literally or figuratively, when she told a Presidentiable not to “pussy foot”. In fact, another Presidentiable mistook the word as a “cuss word” referring to the female genitalia since his generation has a different use for the word “pussy”.
Similarly, a number of people have gone into debates regarding the Tagalog translation or application of the word. The traditionalists claim that “pussy footing” in Tagalog is “Patumpik-tumpik”. The modernist and the pedestrians state that “pussy footing” in Tagalog is being “bakla” but not necessarily gay. Rather, it refers to being weak or limp wristed.
As a point of clarification, the term “pussy foot” is about being too careful, tentative, or downright scared. Other definitions state that it is to move stealthily about or to refrain from committing one’s self or making commitments.
The term is drawn from the observation of cats/kittens that are beginning to discover new things or unfamiliar things in their environment. If you watch kittens you will notice that they always use their front foot or paw to touch things several times to determine how something will react.
Half of the time, the term “pussy footing” is a criticism because it refers to someone who is not serious, or playing with an idea or something that should otherwise be done with directness or decisiveness.
Either way, the addressee or “MR. Pussyfoot” himself was not too happy about being singled out, especially in the most watched and listened to speech of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.
In the case of “MR. Pussyfoot”, his problem was more about being inconsistent with his public pronouncements and ignorant of their consequences. To make matters worse, when he realized that he might lose control of the situation he tried to get everybody’s attention by insinuating that President Arroyo was involved in some form of bribery from the pharmaceutical companies. This more than anything was the reason why “MR. Pussyfoot” earned this major public embarrassment.
Unfortunately for “MR. Pussyfoot” it would seem that his continually changing and diminishing crew of lawyers or advisers were not on the ball regarding scenarios and repercussions as they worked on “Pussyfoots’” most favorite project. They were so focused at milking the project for every drop of political publicity that they never “looked around the corner” which regularly turned out to be dead-ends.
Even before the ink dried on the State Of the Nation Address, I am told that “MR. Pussyfoot” has just recruited the services of a former Malacañang lawyer who has an axe to grind with Malacañang.
“MR. Pussyfoot” might find himself blindsided once again once the word gets out that the firm he is reportedly partnering with has direct or indirect relations with a top executive of a local drug company in direct competition with multinational pharmaceutical companies.
A congressional source has also expressed distaste at merely being “used” by MR. Pussyfoot to further his political agenda and not legislation or genuine social programs.
In fairness to “MR. Pussyfoot” he started out on the right path but ended up being a one-track/one-way railroad that focused too much on the destination and ignored the necessary stops. He is undoubtedly idealistic, his heart is in the right place, and his goals are generally benevolent to all.
Unfortunately, he tends to have a one-track mind and tends to go deaf relative to his speed at rushing towards his goals. As a result those who often try to give him the best advise or those who have his interests at heart are left with a paralyzing whiplash as he zooms through with passionate impatience and ignorance.
As a Presidentiable, “MR. Pussyfoot” should pay more attention to the practice of other Presidentiables in the United States who made the mandatory train stops for “Town hall meetings”, otherwise known as consultations with all parties concerned about many concerns and not just one.
During lunch yesterday, a few veteran political observers pointed out that “MR. Pussyfoot” tried to mimic what Senator Juan Ponce Enrile did with the telecoms industry. JPE studied the situation like a lawyer, set up the “court” of legislation where he was the prosecutor as well as the judge and ultimately cashed in his dividends in admissions and legislation.
JPE succeeded because he asked questions that he knew the answers to. He succeeded because he grilled but he did not skewer, fry and hang the telecoms. He gave everybody room to work with and resolve issues. He wanted results, not body counts. Most importantly he went after the industry and not a particular company or brand. By doing so, JPE was not “personal” and as a result he “forced” the entire industry to cooperate with each other.
“MR. Pussyfoot foot” should realize that once you get personal and ugly, you automatically cast off the mantle of decency from the table. Those you attack and single out will then have no second thoughts “doing unto you, what you have done unto others”.
As a result, “MR. Pussyfoot” got a taste of his own medicine from no less than the President and in the most public of events, the same way he has subjected others to very public accusation and public humiliation.
Perhaps it is time for “MR. Pussyfoot” to step on the brakes and step down from the train. We don’t have to agree on everything but we can all agree not to be disagreeable. Putting one’s foot on the ground in humility will make you a better foe, if not a better man.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I disagree with the author on many points, but this letter is worth posting in our Blog. Anything that will expose that arrogant and pretentious Roxas is good reading. Kuru-kapurit pano sa mga survey ini kaya sobrang trying hard... San EDSA 2 nagparatago lang ini sa kangkongan.

The Manila Times
Tuesday, July 21, 2009

By Alito L. Malinao Open letter to Sen. Mar Roxas
Dear Senator Roxas,

Among the so-called presidentiables, I have found you to be the most capable of running this country after President Arroyo.
I do not know you personally although I have on several occasions observed you closely while you were still the DTI secretary and as a senator.
In early September 2000, I was assigned as close-in reporter of former President Estrada when he attended the United Nations Millennium Summit held at the UN headquarters in New York.
It was during that trip that I had my first close encounter with you. In our one-day stopover in San Francisco before flying to Manila, Mr. Estrada received a delegation of American businessmen.
I was asked to attend the meeting, which was held at the presidential suite of a five-star San Francisco hotel where the former president stayed.
You were at the meeting as DTI secretary. During the whole meeting, you did all the talking while Estrada just smiled and nodded. And I found you to be very articulate as you assured the American businessmen of the benefits of investing in the Philippines.
Later, I also covered you at the protracted Senate hearings on the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA). During the hearings, it was you as chairman of the Senate committee on trade and commerce who was the most prepared in discussing the JPEPA.
You were never absent in the JPEPA public hearings. Even when all the other senators were gone you stayed behind to grill the resource persons. Some of your colleagues just stayed for a few minutes but after facing the TV cameras silently disappeared. I was told that this is also true in other Senate hearings.
In the Senate, I found you to be hardworking, conscientious, resourceful and scrupulous. Indeed, you are a chip off the old block, a man destined to perpetuate the legacy of your great forebears, your grandfather, Manuel Roxas, your namesake, the first president of the Republic, and your illustrious father, the late Senator Gerry Roxas, who, with his glasses perpetually on, looked like a college professor than a politician.
What I am saying is that even without your "padyak-padyak" commercial and your much-hyped romance and impending marriage to broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez, your record in the Senate and as former DTI boss can stand public scrutiny.
But I have a word of caution for you, my dear Senator Roxas. There is such a thing as overkill. In the Greek mythology, the gods would destroy those who develop hubris or those who discard humility as a virtue.
While I am among the many beneficiaries of the Cheaper Medicines Act (my wife and I are taking maintenance medicines) that you have championed for so long, I was terribly disappointed when you announced to the media that you would summon President Arroyo to the Senate hearing.
Haven’t you gone too far in your desire to gain media mileage? Why have you become so arrogant to seek the presence of the President of the Republic in a Senate hearing? Why the cavalier attitude toward a president whom you once served? Have you forgotten the Confucian saying that "humility is the solid foundation of all virtues?"
I remember quite well that among the Estrada Cabinet members, you were the only one who joined the Arroyo government after the tumultuous EDSA 2 revolt. Out of delicadeza, like all your former colleagues in the Estrada administration, you could have refused to serve in the new government.
But you stayed perhaps believing that Mrs. Arroyo, like you an economist, could make the difference in this country.
However, times have changed. And you have changed with the times.
I agree with you that a delay in the implementation of the Cheaper Medicines Act is costly and even criminal because this would mean that people without money to buy maintenance medicines could die.
I am sure a lot of Filipinos have cheered you for the crusade that you have embarked, from your Quixotic fight against the big oil companies and the scrapping of the VAT on oil products to your lonely battle against unscrupulous pre-need companies and your spirited call for the full implementation of the Cheaper Medicines Act.
If elections are held today, I will vote for you because I have faith in your ability to lead this country.
But don’t squander your chance of leading this country by making reckless and puerile moves like asking the President to appear before you to be interrogated on the medicines law. However noble your objective was what you did was certainly an irresponsible act. This was like asking the mountain to go to Mahomet.
I have already forgiven you for the gutter language that you used in a Makati rally in attacking the President but asking her to kowtow to your whims is going too far.
God bless you, Senator Mar.