Thursday, October 26, 2006

The 2nd One!

Due to "my insistent personal demand"... here it is the second coming!!!

(...for her...)

'Neath the waves of emotions
a hidden treasure has emerged,
waited... yes,
abandoned... not!

Countless sunset had passed
moonlit nights have gone,
millions of flowers... withered and died,
but, this one... still blossoms.

Opaque it may seem,
but, its depth can be measured,
from the heart, from within...
it cannot be hidden, it cannot be tied down!

'Neath the darkness of yesterday,
it still glistens and shines
it oozes purity and truth,
as if the gods are watching over it.

What has love done
with its innocence...
as pure as it is
will just be put aside?

What has love done
with its patience...
as true as it is
will just be left behind?

Could it be fate or
could it be the will of the gods?

"Kung ang halaman man ay nagpupumilit
umusbong at mamulaklak... ang pag-ibig pa kaya?"

Monday, October 16, 2006

Anthology... then and now!

Hey, '83... I decided from now on to post from time to time "words I wrote" as a filler... er, I mean to "de-activate this "non-nuclear" blogsite... I hope you don't mind. Hehehehe! This is just a taste of things to come...

Those Luscious Sins


awakened by the rascal's sound
in the realm of this great mystery
I swore...
perhaps, I did not know
what must be true
or I simply mocked the world!
blessed with anticipation
I dreamt about tomorrow
and by fleeing from this monstrous time,
am I hurting you?

then... your exotic fears passed by
and tickled my frantic heart,
dragging me into this fading anguish
and held captive in my own imagination.

so... pretend that you're hurt
and let me feel the pain
crumple your sorrows...
hide the tears...
and call out my name!

now that I'm awake
you can kiss me goodbye
but... don't leave me in shame!