Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Little Siwo

I had my litle daughter Trisa ( Victoria Isabel) baptized last December 30, at the De la Strada Parish Church . The event was attended by 16% of the members of Batch '83 ( hehehe 4 of 25) and some very close friends. From left to right Jun Cerrer( a close friend from San Jose Seminary), Proud Papa carrying the little siwo, Gerrox, Balo and Larry Manda

With Ninongs and Ninang's (left to right) Girlie Reyes ( my wife's 1st cousin), my brother Manolet ( Batch '79), Myra Asuncion ( my wife's sister), Jun Cerrer and Leo Baloloy ('83)

The little siwo sleeps peacefully after joining the Christian world. We still do not know what kind of a siwo she is, though my mother insists she is the siwo of a kalaw:)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

AHA Convention in Chicago

Me and Dennis attending the AHA convention in Chicago c/o Pfizer

Limousine lang naman ang service namin doon

In New Jersey, I was lucky to have a session with two old timers Bong Sanez and Joseph Rocha, a member of batch '83 from Gubat, the favorite of Fr. Louie and Conrad Lumibao, remember?