Monday, February 19, 2007

Bomick's Babies

Miko, Bomick's only son ( Lubos sa ama) .
Miko is a stage actor and dancer in their school. He is also a fitness fanatic.

Kitchie and Bayad Utang Boyfriend +&%!@#!
Kitchie want's to take up Architecture next year.

Mas Lubos sa Ama ( Kitchie with Childhood friend Joseph)
Kitchie is a is a poet and song-writer, Like Papa Bomick. She used to sing too in Bomick's Rock and Roll band.

Two Bomick Babies, and the World can only handle one (Miko with Kitchie and friends)

Bomick is the proud father of four good-looking children . Bomick junior ( Miko) looks just like his father with much better 'do and dress sense. The older generation Bomick ( circa 1979 to 1983) only wore white polo shirt and black pants, day-in, day-out ( hehe) and had semi kalbo hairdo for economic purposes.

Kids posing last Christmas. Santa Bomick was still with the reindeers

From Left to right ( Kitchie, 3rd in the family), Kymee (youngest), Krishelle, eldest the future nurse, and Miko ( 2nd in the family) a future dentist.

Bomick never had friends who looked these good in High school.

Adoption anyone?

Bomick's daughter Krishelle with some friends who are up for adoption ( hehe)