Friday, May 22, 2009

Boylets for Sale!

With the global economic crisis and the recent brouhaha over sex videos, some members of the Class of '83 who have fallen into hard times have thought of a new scheme to augment their income. They are selling themselves "cough!cough!" or rather their services with some unique selling propositions.

Boylet on the extreme left is also a Cardiologist. He can make your heart race, while ensuring Cardio protection during the entire "episode". Middle Boylet has a business background. He can offer various discounts depending on your capacity to pay. Third boylet, the one on the extreme right is an award winning cinematographer. There is the possibility that if he does film you in-the-act, likely you will win an award for it!

Business Boylet pinching the butt-of Award Winning Cinematographer-Boylet to demonstrate firm buttocks, a strong indicator of good performance. Remember, there is truth in advertising!

More options down here!
From left to right, Boylet number 4 can be identified ( Ivan Pura, Class of 1980). A seaman, with the proverbial girl in every port or the other way around, has lot of international experience and expectedly is more expensive ( 10 pesos per hour). Warning: He may be a bit shop-worn though ( hehehe sorry padi) given his age( hehe). Another look at Boylet no. 1, this time the inebriated version hehe. The inebriated version comes with a 5% discount for slightly diminished performance.
Finally the crown jewel of this collection, Boylet number 5 ( extreme right)... A lawyer, his services come with the guarantee of legal protection while you break the law. He is very fit, plays basketball at least twice a week, is younger than any of the earlier options ( Youngest member of Class of '83), and last but not least, already has a sex video somehere in cyberspace taken in 2003. You know what they say,there is no substitute for experience. Boylet number 5 comes with a princely price tag of 25 pesos per minute!
Boylets anyone?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hiking at Brown Hill Creek

From the Concrete Jungle to the Real Jungle...
One must commune with nature from time to time or go soul-searching to ensure that one keeps a balanced perspective about life.
The first thing you must know about hiking is that you should have enough strength. To have enough strength, you must be well-rested. To be well rested, you must start your hiking by seating down!
" All My bags are packed,
Im ready to go,
I'm standing here outside your door,
I hate to wake you up to say good bye!"
Pls. look for the magic Orinola, the secret weapon that I always bring whenever I go Hiking

Bomick's new hairdo is consistent with his new minimalist outlook
Shampoo, comb, curlers, conditioner are rendered inconsequential
"Sa Bulod, toilet paper an pinaka- importante"

Do You want to know who my idols are among the members of Batch '83?
Dennis Donor and Israel Gamis!
This pose is a tribute to their wall and ceiling-climbing skills!

ooops pamunay ulit, para pretty boy!

Duyan na para mas pretty boy!

Mauli na kita kay gab-i na!

Ayyy sus, kaharayu sadi!
Lain ko makita ang durhu!

Napahurandig ako sa Kapoy!
Pero harayu talaga!
I can see Bibingcahan from here!
Bomick, haput lang tabi. ..Sin-o nagkukuwa kan picture mo, kun wara ka kaupod?
Abangan sa susunod na kabanata!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Starting 'em Young

I guess you know who my daughter's idol is...lain pa naglalabar ina, ni maghimuta. I am encouraging her to pick up skills as quickly as possible so she will start working, make money and financially support her old man hehe! Hopefully she can be a tycoon by the age of 10.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bomick's Babies-The sequel

Bomick's Babies-Part 2
( Front, Left to Right,) Kymee, Kitchie, & Miko
(At the Back) Krishelle
Wara nag lubos sa the Great Pasaway