Saturday, November 18, 2006

Israel Gamis was in Town

Israel Gamis, MD: he will treat your Psychosis for a bottle of beer
Israel Gamis blew in ( all 6'1 and 150 pounds (kuno) of him) for a two-week vacation. He is currently undergoing residency training in in Psychiatry in Dublin Ireland. His choice for specialization no doubt was influcenced by 4 years of close constant interaction with his Batch'83 classmates na puro buang.

We tried to solicit his dissertation on the topic of "Pink", of which he has deep, profound, personal knowledge. The rest of the batchmates are only familiar with the "dark brown" concept. Had Bomick been there I am sure he would have further enhanced the discussion being the expert on both colors.

(from left to right, Leo Baloloy, Choi Banaga, Gerry Arnedo, Meo Escandor, Larry Manda, Israel Gamis). BoMick Miaco was a phone-in participant .

The Get-together was held at Gerry's grill in Libis QC. This outlet was named after Gerrox and myself to attract a lot of customers ( hehehe).

Larry and Meo ( the quiet ones) engrossed, listening to the sounds of silence.

As with many mini class reunions, this one lasted until closing time. "Pink" and "Dark Brown" simply dominated the discussions. But we also talked about serious stuff, like class projects so Batch '83 can leave its legacy. Israel volunteered (hehehe, I love being host of this blog) to donate his salary in the next few years so the batch can host a professorial chair at OLPS enabling the school to uphold its tradition of academic excellence. Israel also proposed that we adopt a seminarian, one from a not-so-priveleged family. We also talked about the 2008 Reunion, more on that when you join us next time.

Choi and Balo

Balo helping Choi reminisce about one of Batch '83's first love, Milet B. Not even tinstletown's loveliest starlets can make Choi forget about her ( he he he)

After all these years, we were finally able to understand why Mr. Labayo is called Pyriander. Pyriander, it seems is an Indian name ( may kilala ka na iba pa na irog sana an ngaran?) kaya dipungal lain nag bubutwa an saro katawo sa mga reunion, payt an pan indyan.

Meo is still at it, while Israel says, You wanna taste my Kung-fu?

Mag uruli kamo para damo an party na irog sadi! Paging Cula, Odnid and Pato harain na kamo?!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

G'day from Down Under

My Family here in Adelaide (Wife and Kids)


Bomick the Speed King!

Bomick and rocker/friend Frank
Frank is a former rock concert organizer in Adelaide

Bomick and Wife Pauline ( I call her PAMM)

Bomick's night out with family