Thursday, January 17, 2008

Perry's Birthday Celebration-Sorsogon Chapter

As you know our beloved Perry (he of the Indian Heritage) celebrated his 41st Birthday last Dec. 27. Even if Perry is now based in Manila, the Sorsogon-based Batch '83 representatives got-together, slaughtered the fattest calf, rehashed their best stories, put on their best clothes and proceeded to Casa Dominga, even if the guest of honor was not around. The Manila-based Batchmates were treated to dinner by the celebrant Last Dec. 28, but that's a totally new story ( more about that some other time).
little two...

little three...little Indians ( hehe)
harain na an iba? Text natun!

...Four little...
Buge sana, wara nanaman an iba...di bale order kita pagkaon

Buge sadi.. an Menu Latin!

Karaon na Tabi...
sin Columba, Columbae, sa Bicol, salampati

Mamundo si Vice...Gana sa election naubusan man sin kan-un

Badli unun kay wara si Perry!

Di bale daw, sa masunod urupod kita gabos pag uli ni Padi Binoy sa Holy week! yehey!

Inspired, But Still Exceeded by the Great Balag

MTV VJ and swimsuit model Kat Alano giving
The Cat ( Sex Symbol of Batch '83) a motherly kiss...
The things I subject myself to for the entertainment of
my batchmates..hhaaayyy....
The sex symbol of Batch '83 with Toni G and Office-mates

With TV personality and commerical model Andi Manzano (life's little rewards)

With Aliyah (sayang lain ko ini naging kaklase sa OLPS haay sayang!)

Luwas, pa an pusod, bagay kan binoy and sul-ot sadi

with Mariel of Pinoy Big Brother... Hain tabi an kamot?
....kaya lain nakapadi...

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Balag-Habo na daw saimo