Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Echoes Of My Song

It seemed just like yesterday
but t'was a couple of weeks ago,
a feeling of being lost in the wilderness...
It was dark, eerie and chaotic
and the passing time wasn't counted in days
but in seconds... it's like forever.
I didn't see it coming,
It was just right there in front of me...
with a smirk!!!
I wasn't aware at first,
It came unnoticed, unheard like on tiptoes.
Yet, the reality of hitting the brick wall... head on,
was extremely painful, confusing, traumatic
and damn right awful.
It exploded in a gigantic propulsion!

Knocking on death's door was not a joke...
the good thing was the gatekeeper
had a day off.
So, I was spared!
Although, I lost some perception,
aah, and a bit of weight, too.
A diet I won't recommend...
But then, I had to drag myself up again, I dusted myself down
and moved on...

Now, it may be a new direction,
perhaps, a new beginning, I don't know!
But what I'm sure of, some of you gave me
the strength and the will to survive
during those darkest hours...
You all know who you are!!!

The road will still be rocky,
sometimes dusty and dangerous.
But, my aim now is to finish the race.
I may sometimes slow down or
stop just to catch my breath
and I may stumble again.
But, I'll keep on going to finish
this journey...
And hey, by the way... I'll keep on running
while I'm listenin' to the echoes of my song...
riding in the wind!

May 30,2006

NOTE: Brod Chuck, Batchmates('83), family and friends... I thank you for the millionth time again!!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My Family-Gerry F. Pura

Classmates this is some of our recent pictures. This is with my wife Cora and children (Jec and Meg), we're eating at Valley Gulp in Antipolo, food is great!( ginataang kuhol, sisig, sinigang na baka sa bayabas, pinaputok na plapla..)

This one is in Rizal beach celebrating the 6th b-day of Meg last easter sunday with papa and mama.
This is Ella my youngest, she's 1 y/o and 3 mos
Ivan's and Agnes' family

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Song(re)writer's Note:
This has to be sung to the tune of John Lennon's IMAGINE. Some of the original lyrics of the said song are borrowed to retain the continuity of the song. Tune is played on the key of A. This song is a tribute to the OLPS blogging community!!!


Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try.
And no one can hear us
Sa ribok san lawnmower ni Pay.
ImaginOLPS people
Livin' for today... Ah, ah, aah

Imagine there's no kitchen
Pan-o na an barahaw nato?
No Latin, Spanish and more
And no Religion, too.
ImaginOLPS people
Livin' life in peace... Yoo hoo, ooh hoo


You may say I'm nagdadrama
But I'm not the only one. (diri mao? Hehehehe.)
I hope someday you'll join and drink with us
In that place in Bibincahan.

Imagine there's no inspection
Of my private possessions.
Father, no need to check my locker
'Coz you'll be shocked to what you'll discover.
ImaginOLPS people
Sharing all the grog... with you.

Repeat Refrain and do CODA to end.


Imagine if there's no Blogger...

Footnote: Mga sano, pwede niyo kantahun ini kun may jam sessions nan hurubog na
kamo. Hehehehe.

De Estados Unidos con amor!


This are the only pictures I could come up with in the dead of the night. The 1st one is with my parents and youngest sister in New York where I also met with Fr Ding Caindec. The second is with my wife Kristine and obviously a wedding picture where my Padi Cleto was the best man. I check out this blogsite every other day to combat pung-aw and everything. Masakit man ining harayu kita sa gabos.

I was thinking, what about a grand reunion in 2008? This will be the year where we celebrate our Silver Anniversary. Sometime Holy Week siguro with our families. Drop your comments or any idea on how are we going to go about it. Just for an incentive, I already have something for every member of the batch and I am saving it for this occasion.

By 2008, the batch would probably need something from Gerry's products huh? he-he-he!