Sunday, October 21, 2007

Batch '83 Dominates Pfizer Managers!

Last October 12, Batch '83 challeged Pfizer managers to a basketball game at the RFM Gym in Mandaluyong. We played in Mandaluyong without Larry MandaBatch '83 in pre-game prediction...This will be over quickly as in 1st round Knockout
from left to right, SF Leo Baloloy, SG, Choy Banaga, Playing Coach PG Gerry A, Center Perry Labayo and SF, Haile Frivaldo
The key to winning this game is an ingenious strategy...Get Substitutes so we can finish this game alive and maybe even victorious!!

Jeff De Ocampo, A substitute 6 foot center who averages about 20 points per game, about the same number of rebounds and about five blocked shots per game. Jeff is the audit manager of Pfizer, a cum laude BAA graduate of UP

An energetic and speedy power forward in Pfizer Business Dev't Manager Jeff Nardo

Basi sabihun niyo puro athlete kinuwa namun na back up, ini Badminton player with Charles Barkley physique, Zuellig Sales Manager Rolly Bernardo who averages 5 fouls a game

and now the starters for your OLPS '83 Macho Gwapings Forever!

You always form a team with a dominant slotman as the centerpiece, like Philosopher, Theologian and soon to be lawyer Perry Labayo, the Projected Pre game MVP ( Most Violent Player)!

A do-everything-power forward, the idol of Tim Duncan, Haile Frivaldo, the game's top scorer who screamed Hain ina na mga Warlocks?! after every point he scored! Attention Jimmy Cal, Binoy, Donnie Boy and Tades may lain nakalimut

You need a small forward who can execute the gameplan with the precision of a Surgeon. Leo Baloloy, Nagbabasketball pa while giving instructions on how to transplant a kidney...sobrahunun man na partida sa kalaban!!!

A power pointguard like this super macho boy ( ako author pasensya kamo). There is one word to describe his game, POWER, as in kili-kili power!

A do-it-all Shooting guard and defensive specialist, Mr. Sungkit Choy Banaga who scored the last basket

How did we do? Not bad, we won 81-55 ( a 26 point bubble). We were brilliant on the basics of basketball. Let me show you how...

Our speedy pointguard dictated the tempo! He was so speedy intero na pictures niya nakatalikod ( pssst ako tabi ina). Irog sana ka kaskas lain malanat san camera, ehem!
atun-atun lang, lain man kaya intero na picture talikod, kay patalikod an dalagan ko? hehe

We made our free throws as game MVP and Duncan-play-alike Haile Frivaldo shows here

We penetrated with abandon and shredded their defense (Perry showing the moves he learned in OLPS kusina running with the bahaw)

We played leech-like defense like the Pistons, denying the enemy their passing lanes and a clear view of the basket. We played 1-2-2 defense, sometimes 2-1-2, box in 1, 1-2-3, ?, ay sala, unum ngay-an idto hehe

Dominated the rebounds!

Did you know that rebounding is what gets you to the NBA? That's what Charles Barkley said. The next two pictures will show you how '83 did it

Choy to Balo, Balo Ikaw na rebound wara na ako hangin!

Balo to Choy and Perry, baya-i na sinda para sinda naman an mapagal!

Lastly execute you fast breaks well, and let competition bite the dust!!
Perry and Rolly showing us how the beer belly fastbreak looks like

Of course we were up against worthy adversaries,
from left to right Marketing Director Egay Zaragoza, Training Manager Jojo Pingol, NSM Mike Ong, the son of Bong Cauilan whose name I forget, NSM Bong Cauilan, and Product Manager Josh Valencia

The victorious team before the game
After this dominating performance our next step is to challenge the managers of Warner-Lambert. Hopefully Gerrox, Larry and slam-dunk champion Israel Gamis will join us so we can play with an all OLPS line-up. After that, who knows? the Boston Celtics?
Stay tuned!